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University of Idaho Discovery Center

The intended discussion with the U of I is about the relocation of their Innovation/Expo Education Center from its current location on American way, which is a half-mile north of the planned Idaho Cultural Center, to be part of the new project, adjacent to the Public Market and north of the Idaho Heritage Museum.

The reasoning behind the relocation is to be in a much more visible location to the intersection of Highway 93 and Interstate I-84.  It also combines their use with the Museum and Public Market, as part of a potential Convention Center for Central Idaho.

The dynamic between these four uses creates a synergy that is anticipated to draw attendees along the Interstate from Wyoming to Oregon and become featured as a notable draw and traveler’s stop.

One primary goal of the U of I in this facility is to have a highly visible presence and the area for educational and historic purposes.  The Museum and Public Market are very homogenous concomitant uses in which there are very evident benefits of the synergy of being together.

They currently own five (5) lots totaling 6.13 acres.  This location is at the northwest corner of Hwy 93 and American Avenue, fronting directly on the 93.  U of I initially planned to locate its outreach education center here with a focus on Agriculture and Aquaculture, two major industries within the state.

Our offer is to purchase these lots from the U of I and develop a series of office warehouses in that area.  

The developer wishes to purchase Initially starting with the construction of a high-bay warehouse on a build-to-suit basis for an Idaho-based brewery distillery for warehousing their goods and aging of their spirits.  This building is also intended to act as secure storage and staging for amassing items for the museum, and materials for the construction of the Idaho Cultural Center’s Public Market, and Museum.